Handle Quick Release Pins for Milwaukee PACKOUT Rolling Toolbox

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The Neat Tools Handle Quick-Release Pins Kit will allow you to completely remove and reattach the handle on the Milwaukee Rolling Packout Toolbox. (48-22-8426)

This Kit is perfect for workers, homeowners, or tool enthusiasts looking to easily fit their rolling toolbox in their car trunk, service vehicle, or even in a truck bed that has a Tonneau Cover installed on it. It can also help fit the rolling toolbox in smaller, tighter spaces.

Product Details

  • Strong build quality than other pin kits
  • Low Profile, so nothing sticks out on your toolbox
  • Only a few minutes to install
  • No threading or tapping is required

Kit Includes:
2 quick release pins (left & right), install instructions, & stickers.

NEAT Pins (Vs) Keyring Style Pins [Replace your Keyring Pins]
Unlike the keyring style kits, our pins have a self-locked position that holds the pins out so that you can use both hands to easily remove and reattach the handle. In most cases, you can directly swap out the keyring style pins with our Neat Pins.*

*For customers looking to replace the keyring style pins, please get in touch with us to make sure these pins will work for you before purchasing.

MODIFICATION DISCLAIMER: In no event shall Neat Tools be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, to property, or equipment (Including the Rolling Toolbox) whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use, misuse, or installation of our Handle Release Pin Modification Kit. Install at your own risk.

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